live/work spaces

Live to work or work to live?

Live/work describes properties whose space is designed to incorporate both your professional and your personal lives. The rise in small businesses and improvements in technology originally led to many people utilising where they live for their business ventures. Now, things have evolved past using a renovated shed or cramped study – live/work spaces are partially work-orientated and are often popular in renovated warehouse developments. Spacious and beautiful, these loft-style spaces are perfect for creating an inspirational working environment and a relaxing home life.

A new kind of lifestyle

The concept of live/work originated in Hackney in the ’90s, where the local authority was encouraging the regeneration of industrial spaces, while trying to avoid moving to completely residential developments. Live/work has since proved a successful lifestyle choice and developments have sprung up across London and the rest of the UK. Although there is quite a history of this lifestyle being adopted by those in the creative sector, there is currently growing interest from professionals in all business fields.