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Corporate & Relocation Services
"Catherine was an invaluable asset. She was always available for questions – no matter how many I had! She made the whole process so much easier as the main point of contact. Her knowledge of the industry and business needs was highly skilled and t

Every day, our Corporate & Relocation Services work with many of the world’s blue-chip companies to find their employee the perfect home. One of those homes could be yours.

Through our Corporate & Relocation Services team, your property could be fast-tracked to employees of reputable FTSE100 companies. These employees have strong budgets, helping you achieve a higher rental income and they tend to secure longer than average tenancies. 

In 2017:

  • 730 employees secured properties with our Corporate & Relocation Services team
  • Top three sectors for employees houses were Finance, Government and Technology
  • The most improved sector was Government
  • 33% of companies using our Corporate & Relocation Services team, do so on an exclusivity and preferred supplier basis
  • The average tenancy term agreed was 18 months
  • 21% of our corportate tenancies were 2 years and over


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Find out how the team can find you a corporate tenant for your property today, call 020 7758 8407 or email Catherine Moreton, Head of Department